Inspiration: Robert Sabuda

Here is a very experienced pop-up artist, who makes mostly pop-up books.


One of the most awesome books I’ve seen!


Benjamin Lacombe is a French artist who did some pop-ups for his latest book: Il etait une fois (Once Upon a Time):


Go watch it!

That’s a pop-up storybook but I think mostly pop-ups are created in the same way…

La Vie en Rose

Quand il me prend dans ses bras

Il me parle tout bas

Je vois la vie en rose

I drew this several months back because I really like roses and I tried experimenting by drawing very flowy and organic shapes.  I hope this looks like a rose.

Colour was added in Paint.


We had to draw/dissect a prawn for Bio.  I should have been more observant with the legs.

Block Test 2

We were tested on Piet Mondrian, Antony Gormley and Henry Moore.

I pick Mondrian, because I have written about Gormley on this blog before, and the question concerning Henry Moore is similar to the one with Han Sai Por.

Piet Mondrian, Grey Tree

Feldman’s method:

The subject matter of Mondrian’s Grey Tree is, as the title suggests, a large tree that is grey in colour.  The tree is extremely large, occupying three-quarters of the space in the canvas.  Its branches extend outwards, and seem to reach out and beyond the peripheries of the painting.  The colours used in Grey Tree are sombre, such as the deep grey used for the bark and branches of the tree, and the light grey used in the background.

The style of the painting is rather abstract.  While the tree does resemble a tree from afar, on closer inspection it seems to be made up of a network of curved lines which intersect at random places, and its branches do not have the form of slightly bent lines, which would be observed of the branches of a real tree.  The painting style also seems to have evolved from Impressionism, judging by the rough, choppy brushstrokes, and the unevenly blended colours of grey and white, especially in the background.


Random sketch of two puppies.  Had intended to do this for my Sec. 2 end of year but the idea bombed )<

Awwww I really love puppies!

Pencil Exercises

In Sec 1 Mr. Gan made us practise an awful lot.

There was this particular assignment…

So the first picture is a scanned image of the tonal values exercise, where we had to draw out blank squares (20 I think) and shade each one with a pencil, the shades getting progressively darker.  I had no patience at all and did it horribly. Boo.

Then we learnt the grid technique, which is basically scaling up or scaling down or replicating a picture using a grid.  This was one of the most useful techniques we learnt.  So the second picture is a picture of a soft drink bottle, replicated, and the third is the bottle blown up to twice its size.

TBH I did benefit from these exercises.  The pencil doesn’t look so bad after 3 years. (: